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Kiccha Sudeep Shuts Interviewer, Says, “Forget Learning Language, First Learn Its Name..”

During a latest interview for Vikrant Rona, Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep corrected the interviewer who mispronounced the word 'Kannada'.

India is a secular state but the differences in culture and language seem to be dividing people even in 2022. Lately, conversations around Hindi vs south languages have been creating controversies on a larger level. A few weeks ago, Kiccha got into a war of words with Ajay Devgn who said that Hindi is our national language. And now, he is once again in the headlines for correcting a journalist in the middle of an interview about his recently released film Vikrant Rona.

A clip is now doing rounds on Twitter, where Kiccha is seen saying, “It’s Kannada. You call it Hindi, not Hind, the same way, it’s Kannada, not Kannad.”

He then continues saying, “Forget learning the language, at least learn the name of the language. You speak Tamil and Telugu right, but when it comes to Kannada, you call it Kannad. It’s not Kannad, it’s Kannada. We never call Hind, right? We always call it Hindi.”

Pro-Kannada fraternity is praising Kiccha Sudeep for correcting the common mispronunciation. A Twitter user wrote, “Hats off to the boss @KicchaSudeep properly he has shoved it up , not only for this anchor but 99% in Bengaluru coming form outside and making a life here in Karnataka, say the same – we never say Hind to Hindi!”

Another tweet reads, “I’m so glad he corrected her. It’s a lifetime of teaching North Indians it’s Kannada and Saambaar. Not Saambad. “Language seekhna chodiye. Language ka naam to seekhiye.” … Said it like a boss!!!”

Kiccha Sudeep’s movie Vikrant Rona was released on July 28. It is a fantasy adventure thriller film and has minted Rs 150 crores at the box office throughout the world in 8 days.

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