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Is KGF Star Yash’s Next PAN- India Project Worth 800 Crores? Read To Know!

After the success of KGF 2, Yash has bagged several big projects. Read to know what's next for the action star!

After the bewildering success of KGF 2, ‘Rocking star’ Yash is on the clouds and quite literally at that, the actor has amassed huge heights of success post the success of the film. Since then, fans have been waiting to see the actor again on the big screen, as multiple big filmmakers across several industries have approached the action star to be a part of their films. Many media reports have revealed that apart from KGF 3, the actor has also given a nod for some other projects as well, on a pan-India level.

One of them is gaining steam these days, as the actor is said to be collaborating with a well-known director for his next huge project. It is rumoured that South director S Shankar, the man behind hit films like Robot and I, is said to be making a collaboration with Yash, for his next film. For the unversed, Shankar is also one of the few directors, who’s known for making big-budget films. If we were to trust the rumours, Yash can be next seen in a larger-than-life-themed movie, with Shankar directing it with a massive 800 crores budget.

Shankar’s last work was 2.0, that cast South superstar Rajnikanth alongside Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar. The film was said to be made with a massive 800 crores budget as it yielded around 700 crores in terms of its worldwide box office collection. Yash’s last film ‘KGF 2’ made a humongous box office collection, with a round 1230 crores, while Shankar is also known for making big-budget films, so much so, that the director is considered to be one of the ‘costliest’ directors from South.

“Look, I don’t start out by first asking myself, how much money do I have, then what kind of movie can I make with that money. For me, the idea comes first, the team next, the locations after that, and the details of the treatment come next – after I have all this clear in my mind, I then think about what it will cost and approach a producer who can finance me to the extent of whatever it takes” said Shankar, while discussing about the budgets of his films.

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“Okay, maybe I tend to think big. You talk of concern for outsize budgets. The real problem is not that a lot of money is being spent, but that a lot of times, directors and producers sink money into silly ventures that flop. If the money spent is earned back again, and with profit too, then there is no problem. Another thing, I always make it a point to ensure that the money that is spent does not stick out, overwhelm the film” he continued.

Yash has reportedly bagged another film, an untitled one, where the actor is rumoured to portray a Naval officer.

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