Darshan’s Manager Commits Suicide, Found Dead At Actor’s Farmhouse

Sridhar, Darshan's manager, left a suicide note asking the police to exclude his family from the investigation.

According to a report by The Times of India, Sridhar, the manager of Kannada actor and murder case suspect Darshan Thoogudeepa, was found dead by suicide on Tuesday at the actor’s farmhouse in Bengaluru. In his suicide note, Sridhar requested that the police exclude his family from the investigation.

As per the report, Sridhar’s suicide note indicated that he took his own life due to an overwhelming sense of loneliness. In addition to the note, he released a video message urging the police not to involve his family in the investigation. Authorities are now probing potential links between Sridhar’s suicide and the murder case of Renukaswamy, who was allegedly killed by Darshan and his associates.

The Bengaluru police are currently investigating actor Darshan, his friend Pavitra Gowda, and other suspects. The autopsy of the 33-year-old victim, Renukaswamy, revealed he suffered 15 severe injuries across his body, including his head, abdomen, and chest.

On June 9, Renukaswamy was murdered in a shed used for parking seized vehicles in southwestern Bengaluru. His body was then dumped in a stormwater drain 10 km away. According to police, the motive behind the crime was Renukaswamy’s social media trolling of Pavitra Gowda, which incited anger in both her and Darshan. During the investigation, police found several items used to torture the victim, such as wooden logs, a leather belt, and a rope.

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