Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2’ Draws Comparison With Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’?

Fans are drawing comparisons between Kamal Haasan's 'Indian 2' and Shah Rukh Khan's 2023 blockbuster film 'Jawan'; Here's what Redditors have to say.

The highly anticipated teaser of ‘Indian 2’, starring Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, was recently released. This sequel to the 1996 phenomenon ‘Indian’, directed by dynamic filmmaker S. Shankar, is set to hit theatres on July 12, 2024, and is expected to break box-office records. Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jawan’ became a megahit last year, directed by Atlee Kumar, who considers Shankar his idol in the world of filmmaking.

For those unaware, Atlee started his career as an assistant director to S. Shankar in the films Enthiran (2010) and Nanban (2012). He later made his directorial debut with ‘Raja Rani’ in 2013, earning him the Best Debut Director award. The filmmaker, known for his successful directorial films, considers ‘Indian’ director S. Shankar as his ‘guru,’ widely known for his out-of-the-box directing techniques. Shankar’s films that created history include Indian, Sivaji: The Boss, Enthiran, 2.0, and many more.

Reddit users have taken to the platform to draw comparisons between Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’. They claim S. Shankar’s movie trailer is giving the vibes of Atlee’s directorial film. However, some have thrashed these remarks, noting that Atlee’s direction is inspired by his idol and Shankar has nothing to do with it. Other users expressed a desire to unsee the video where Jawan’s music has been blended with ‘Indian 2’s’ trailer glimpse.

Some of the comments read:

“Atlee is Shankar’s assistant, so Jawan has Indian 2 vibes.”

“Indian 2 story line happened around 2010 itself. First look released around 2018 Dec or 2019 jan iirc. Which means story discussion, confirmign cast and crew all happened in early 2018. Not sure when jawan rumours started. Moreover Atlee followed Shankar’s vigilante style. So, it’s definitely the other way around.”

“Nuh Shankar changed his style with this one, he went overboard with commercial cringe elements which atlee is good at, and wasn’t the talk about trailer vibes? Why are u getting the history of Indian 2 to prove your point right bruh”

“Good work OP. Atlee’s style of making is heavily inspired from Sankar. Atlee’s worked as the asst. director of Sankar for a good amount of time.”

“Dude how can I unsee this “

Hi, Non Tamilian here ! Saw Indian 2 trailer and got a lot of Jawan vibes. So tweaked a little bit.
byu/Far-Strawberry-9166 inkollywood

The impact ‘Indian’ created twenty-eight years ago is an unmatchable force that cannot be re-imagined by anyone. The niche set in 1996 was only put to an end when director S. Shankar decided to create its sequel. Kamal Haasan’s iconic character Veerasekaran Senapathy, also called as ‘Indian’ known for his zero-tolerance attitude towards people who encourage corruption, has returned to ignite fear among such humans.

‘Indian 2,’ the vigilante action movie, is produced under the banners of Lyca Productions and Red Giant Movies. It also stars Siddharth, Rakul Preet Singh, and others in pivotal roles. Kamal Haasan’s film has a run-time of three hours. Additionally, a third part is in the making, expanding the mind-blowing Indian cinematic universe.

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