Canadian Actor Dies After Reportedly Undergoing 12 Surgeries To Look Like BTS’ Jimin 

Saint Von Colucci passed away at 22 after reportedly undergoing 12 surgeries to look like BTS' singer Jimin.

Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci passed away at the age of 22 after reportedly undergoing 12 surgeries to resemble K-pop band meber Jimin. The actor suddenly passed away on Sunday, April 23, at a hospital in South Korea as a result of difficulties brought on by cosmetic treatments he underwent just a few months prior. According to, the actor was only 22 years old.

To resell the K-pop singer for a US streaming network, Von Colucci reportedly spent $220,000 on 12 plastic surgeries, according to his publicist. The actor underwent surgery on Saturday night to remove the jaw implant that was placed in November 2022. He developed an infection from the implant, and as a complication, he was intubated, but hours later he died.

According to Saint Von Colucci’s representative, the actor relocated from Canada to South Korea in 2019 so that he could work in the music business. According to his representative, he worked as a trainee for one of the three major South Korean entertainment businesses. 

According to Blake, who had been working with the young actor since March 2022, “it’s very tragic and very unfortunate.” Colucci, who was 6 feet tall, 182 pounds, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, was also “very insecure” about his appearance, according to Blake.

Over the past year, Von Colucci underwent 12 cosmetic procedures, including lip reduction, rhinoplasty, facelift, nose job, eye lift, brow lift, lip surgery, implants, and jaw surgery. Blake explained that his client knew how risky jaw implant surgery was because they reshape your natural bone and put implants in, but he still wanted to have it.

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