Aabha Hanjura’s Mere Hikduye Gadbad Is A New Age Blend Of Folk

Renowned folk artist Aabha Hanjura has just released the last folk song from her EP," Mere Hikduye Gadbad".

Renowned folk artist Aabha Hanjura, who’s known for her energetic live performances and diverse music, has just released the last folk song from her EP,” Mere Hikduye Gadbad”. “The song is a beautiful blend of traditional Dogri folk music from the regions of Jammu and Himachal Pradesh presented in a modern acoustic folk style,” says Aabha. Track’s pahadi lyrics and the artist’s melodious voice transport listeners to the mountains. 

Aabha’s previous tracks “Hukus Bukus”, “Sahibo”, and” Madano” have been hits among music lovers and have received critical acclaim from renowned artists worldwide. Recently, her song Madano was nominated in the Best Folk Fusion Song category at the 7th edition of the Radio City Freedom Awards. The artist is known for her unique blend of traditional Kashmiri music and contemporary styles, making her one of the most sought-after folk artists in the country.

“Hikduye Gadbad is a happy song about a girl from the hills and I relate to this songs naughty happy vibe its percussive yet soulful and we had a lot of fun shooting a colourful video for this track and as I wrap the EP Folk Sessions with this last song, I hope my listeners from all over especially, Jammu and Himachal Pradesh will connect to this song as much as I did,” Aabha Hanjura said. 

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