Yogi Adityanath: As a Yogi, I will not go for Ayodhya mosque inauguration

When asked whether he would go if invited for the inauguration of the mosque in Ayodhya, UP CM Yogi Adityanath responded, "If you ask me as a CM, then I have no problem with any religion or sect...But if asked as a Yogi, I will definitely not go."

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that whenever welcomed for the introduction of the mosque in Ayodhya, set to be worked as a major aspect of the Supreme Court’s organization a year ago, he won’t go there “as a Yogi” and “as a Hindu”, and that he realizes nobody will welcome him.

He also said that “as a Chief Minister” he has no issues with any religion, and that political leader who go to Roza or Iftaar, wearing skull tops, are just posing as mainstream – “yeh secularism nehin hai (that isn’t secularism), and people in general understands that.

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Addressing ABP News channel on Wednesday evening, hours after he went to the earth-shattering function for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Adityanath stated, “Dekhiye, agar aap mujhse ek mukhyamantri ke roop mein poochhenge toh mujhe kisi mazhab, sampraday se koi parhez nahi hai. Agar ek Yogi ke roop mein poochhenge toh katai nahi jaoonga (in the event that you ask me as a CM, at that point, I won’t keep up a good ways from any religion or gathering. Yet, whenever asked (to join in) as a Yogi, at that point I will not go).”

Adityanath stated, “I won’t go in light of the fact that I am a Yogi. As a Hindu, I reserve an option to live as per my technique for love… “

Expressing that he isn’t a gathering in case of the mosque’s development, Adityanath stated, “That is the reason nobody will call me there, and I would prefer not to go…. I realize that I won’t get any such greeting… “