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Woojin leaves ‘Stray Kids’ not due to ‘personal reasons’ but because of THIS?

Woojin who was a member of the group Stray Kids has departed from the group due to personal reasons. However, fans are worried that something bad might have happened leading him to leave.

After JYP Entertainment announced the news of Woojin’s exit from group Stray Kids, fans all over the world were shocked. K-pop star Woojin who left Stray Kids was reported to have terminated his contract with JYP Entertainment, due to personal reasons. 

JYPE issued an official statement on the group’s fan page that read, “Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids as a member until this time, has left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract.” JYP Entertainment also announced that the release date of the boy group’s new mini-album Clé: LEVANTER has been pushed to December while the agency also apologised to their fans STAY and asked them to continue to support Woojin in the future. 

But fans are not convinced that Woojin would suddenly leave the group, given the fact that they have their tour scheduled and also because of the vagueness of the explanation given, and are worried that something bad might have happened leading him to leave. It is speculated that he was forced to leave due to a dating issue as JYP is ruthless when it comes to dating scandals. A similar thing was also seen with Day6’s member Junhyeok, who was kicked out after it was discovered that he was dating a fan he met at a fan meet.

And though the news shook fans,  they all vowed to support Woojin no matter what. Hashtag as #ThankYouWoojin, #Stray Kids and #STAY began trending on Twitter. Not only that but fans were also seen voicing their support for the K-pop star while also expressing their gratitude to Woojin for all that he contributed to Stray Kids.

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