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Why fans think Wonho was forced to leave MONSTA X?

Starship Entertainment recently issued a statement that claims Wonho is leaving MONSTA X amid controversy that claims he owes Jung Da Eun money.

Wonho, who was a member of the band MONSTA X, label Starship Entertainment has announced Wonho’s exit from the band. In a statement issued by Starship Entertainment, they revealed that MONSTA X going forward will continue with only 6 members. The statement also claims that Wonho decision to leave the band was due to his recent controversies involving his alleged debt to Jung Da Eun and also his run-in with the law. The label also states that they would continue to take legal action against malicious rumours.

Check out the statement:

Recently former TV star Jung Da Eun on Instagram shocking claimed that he owed her money. She shared a picture of him and further stated that whenever she tried to contact him, he’d ignore her. She wrote, “Hoseok, when exactly are you going to pay me back? kekeke?” In the comment section, she wrote that he avoids her whenever she gets his number and tries to contact him.

Her girlfriend Han Seo Hee made matters worst after she claimed that he owes her 30 million won ($26,000) from 6 years. This issue made headlines everywhere and fans began criticizing him and stated that he needs to pay her back. Though Starship at that time made a statement that it was not true and their claims were far for it. But now just days after Wonho has left MONSTA X. Impeccable timing we must say! Even fans find it hard to believe that Wonho just left, and think that Starship Entertainment may have forced him to make the decision given the negative attention he brought to the band and its members.

Earlier this week Wonho was a part of another controversy as he reportedly made a joke of the #MeToo movement and ended up issuing an apology to fans.

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