The blazing fire in the Amazon rain forest is a matter of serious concern

It is said that currently, 2500 fires are active in the Amazon rain forest which is burning from last few weeks.

While the world was discussing matters of Politics, and other matters, the Amazon rainforest was burning in the blazing fire.

It is reported that currently 2500 fires are active in the forest and NASA has said: “Although it is not unusual to see fires in Brazil at this time of year due to high temperatures and low humidity it seems this year the number of fires may be record setting.”

The Amazon was burning for a few weeks and there was no media coverage. A post shared by Leonardo DiCaprio wherein he was tagged by a person brought this issue in light. However, the image that Leo shared was an old one. But this doesn’t mean that the issue is old.

Amazon rainforest home to about three million species of plants and animals, and one million indigenous people – is crucial to regulating global warming, with its forests absorbing millions of tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

But when trees are cut or burned, the carbon they are storing is released into the atmosphere and the rainforest’s capacity to absorb carbon emissions is reduced.

Well, NASA satellite images show the extent of smoke coverage across swathes of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, and the fires have come at a time when concerns are being raised over the levels of deforestation taking place in the Amazon.