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101st Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To WFP In 2020

The 101st Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 has been awarded to UN's agency World Food Program for its efforts in combatting hunger of the poor people around the world.

It’s a very precious and monumental historic moment for all the people around the world as the most coveted and iconic 101st Nobel Peace Prize awarded to WFP in 2020.

This news is set to make every netizen, viewer, and audience very proud and their chest would swell with pride as the most important 101st Nobel Peace Prize awarded to WFP in 2020.

World Food Program (WFP) is a very successful initiative of the United Nations (UN) that has been volunteering to relentlessly come forward for helping the poor and needy, poverty line people, and malnourished people by providing them with food and proper meals both times of the day to help them overcome and fight with their hunger as those people are currently jobless due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic that has made the entire world pause and halt its daily working grind.

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Also according to the latest media news reports, the Norwegian committee said to a leading world news agency that the WFP has acted, “as a driving force in efforts to the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict”.

Furthermore a WFP spokesperson who won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize that is worth 10m Swedish krona ($1.1m) said to the leading world news agency that it was a “proud moment” for their entire group as this prize money which they have won literally helps an approximate figure of around 97 million people a year, in almost 88 countries across the globe.

The World Food Program (WFP) has been praised and applauded by worldwide leaders and various humanitarian groups after it was awarded 2020’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The UN body initiative which provided and delivered food to 100 million people last year, appreciated its staff after taking the coveted global honor for the 101st time since the moment that the Nobel Peace Prize have been awarded from past so many years.

Also according to leading international newspaper publication reports, The Nobel committee said that the good work done by the organization which is also a United Nations agency, to address and fight the hunger had laid the fundamentals for peace and harmony in nations which are or got ravaged by war.

“In the face of the pandemic, the World Food Program has demonstrated an impressive ability to intensify its efforts,” This was said by the chairperson of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Berit Reiss Andersen while she was announcing the prize in Oslo where she further also added, “The combination of violent conflict and the pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people living on the brink of starvation”.

BBC News Official Instagram handle also posted about the same on their account where their post caption read, “The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for its efforts to combat hunger. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said the WFP had acted “as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict”. A WFP spokesman said winning the prize – which is worth 10m Swedish krona ($1.1m) – was a “proud moment” for the group, which helps an estimated 97 million people a year, in 88 countries. Tap the link in our bio for more about this year’s winner and the history of one of the world’s most important awards. #WFP #UN #BBCNews”.

Source: BBC News Instagram. They posted about the 101st Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to UN’s WFP in 2020 on their instagram account.

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