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Teens using social for more than 3 hours each day have the WORST sleeping patterns!

A study conducted on 12,000 teenagers who used social media for more than three hours a day, is said to have ruined the sleep quality of teenagers. To know more, read on.

Scientist reveal that social media ruins the sleep quality of teenagers who spend three hours a day or more, scrolling through social media. Teens who spend hours on social media are likely to stay up past 11 pm on a school night, or likely to wake up at night, and then find it difficult to sleep and wake up the next day.

Researchers asked 12,000 teenagers to report their social media usage and found that one in three is actually using their phones to a ‘high’ degree.  This could very well impact their grades warned the British Medical Journal Open. As sleep deprivation is linked to worse academic performance, due to slow memory and impairs learning. 

Officer of health improvement, Dr Max Davie at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said, “It’s vital for their mental and physical health that children and young people get enough good quality sleep. Screen use isn’t in itself harmful, so long as it doesn’t dictate family life and prevent young people spending time on other fulfilling activities.”

This study took place amid the growing concern on the mental health and well being of young people. Scientist now states that the blue light emitted by screens, such as mobile phones and tablets also affect the hormones and body clock that help us to sleep. Also, the MPs on the Commons science and technology committee revealed that social media indeed damages sleep patterns. While in February, the UK’s leading doctors also stated that parents should not allow their children to even take electronic devices to the bedroom.

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