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Stop Searching These 5 Things On Google To Stay Safe

Majority of people have the habit of searching every small deets on Google’s search engine. Like searching for baking a cake to fixing the car and money transfer or searching for any life-threatening disease. Google seems to be our one-stop solution for every issue. However, it is important to consider a few things before searching for anything on Google. Here’s a list of 5 things you should avoid searching on Google to stay safe.

Stop searching for your bank’s online details: It is advisable not to immediately resort to Google search to find your bank’s online site unless you know official URL. Always, enter the official URL of your bank’s online banking portal to access the site to stay safe.

Avoid searching for customer care numbers: As Google itself doesn’t put information on the site, it is people like us who make websites. Fraudsters post fake business listings and customer care numbers on websites to make innocent people believe it is original customer care number.

Never search for applications on Google: It is highly advisable that for mobile apps, always search for apps on official app stores like Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones. Searching apps on Google might lead to fake app installations.

Never search medical symptoms on Google: There is a reason why we have specialized doctors for every condition. Skipping doctors and relying on Google is a grave mistake. Also, it is dangerous to buy medicines based on Google information.

Never login your social media websites on Google: It is always suggested to access your social media accounts by directly entering URL in the address box of your browser instead of searching for the login page on Google as this might lead to phishing.

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