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Snow In Antarctica Turns Blood Red

A few pictures of snow in Antarctica turning blood red went viral on social. Here’s the reason why it happened.

An amazing set of images is doing round on social media showing that snow in Antarctica has turned red blood. The blood-red color is due to the microscopic algae that can live in freezing temperatures; the viral images show the Antarctic turning red near a former British research station.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science has posted these photos on Twitter. The phenomenon is caused by microscopic snow algae during the summer months of Antarctica when weather conditions are favorable.

The ministry added a post on Facebook that read, “Snow blossoms contribute to climate change. Because of the red-raspberry color, the snow reflects less sunlight and melts faster. As a result, it produces more bright algae.”

The ministry also said the cells of Chlamydomonas nivalis algae have a red layer of carotene that protects them from ultraviolet radiation and creates red spots in the snow. The ministry said, Because of the red-crimson color, the snow reflects less sunlight and melts faster.”

A Twitter user shared the images with the caption, “Shocking images of Antarctica’s Blood Red ice are an ominous sign of Climate change as the water around the icy continent is increasingly heating up Mike Hudema.”

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