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Scientists are developing a drug that eases painful memories

Deleting bad or painfull memories may soon be a possibility with the help of blood pressure drug, such a study is being conducted at the McGill University, Canada.

Want to get rid of painful or hurtful memories? Well such a thing would soon be a possiblity in near future. A pill that could help you forget bad memories is being tested on 60 heart broken people. At the  McGill University in Quebec, Dr. Alain Brunet, with the help of his memory manipulation study is trying to bring a new technique to help one forget their painful memories.

The 60 people who signed up for the testing, had all experienced the same emotion, such as the betrayal of their partner, ending of a relationship and they all wanted to just forget the things that happened. A blood pressure drug, propranolol were given to the volunteers who were made to recall their painful memory as they were made to read every detail of their break up which they wrote about.

They were asked to this between four and six times while under the influence of propranolol. Dr Brunet is of the opinion that propranolol can lessen emotional pain that one has associated with memory. And though the study is completed, the results are yet to be known. Dr Brunet in an interview stated, “Just couldn’t believe that we could do so much in such a small amount of time. They were able to turn the page. That’s what they would tell us — I feel like I’ve turned the page. I’m no longer obsessed with this person or this relationship.”  

Dr Brunet also revealed that he is not looking to wipe out the memory due to ethical issue that may arise but he is looking to just tone down a memory.

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