Nikki Haley: Trump Offered Me The Post of Secretary Of State

Indian American Nikki Haley, who is the US ambassador to the United Nations declined Trump’s offer as she felt she was not the right fit.

Republican Nikki Haley has revealed that President Donald Trump had offered her the post of Secretary of State. This was in 2016 when Trump came into power.

The former South Carolina Governor was unsure over the post as she had no experience. 

The President then offered her the post of US ambassador to the United States. The 48 year old gladly accepted it.

However getting Ms Haley to accept the position was not easy as she had certain conditions. It was only once that these conditions were met that she accepted it.

What were the conditions?

The position should be of Cabinet rank.

The envoy should be member of the National Security Council.

She will not be a yes woman.

To all the conditions the president said, “Done, what next?”

She then obviously could not say no and happily accepted the position.

The Indian America Haley was one of the most successful US Ambassador to the UN. She served the position for two years.

Ms Haley is now campaigning for the Republican Candidate and feels Trump will be a better choice to win.

Talking about the Indian American relations she stated that Trump and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi are good friends. Hence there is no one better with regards to Indian relations.

“There is a stark contrast” between President Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, she said at a fireside chat event organised by the Indian Voices for Trump in the battleground state of Philadelphia on Saturday.

“There is a lot at stake with this election,” she said.

In the same chat she added that Trump has stopped giving aids to countries like Pakistan, which harbour terrorists.

“The relationship (of US) with India (under Trump administration) has never been stronger,” she said, adding that President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi get along very well.

Under Trump administration, the US is partnering with India on various issues, including defence, Haley said.

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When asked about the President, she said that he is not much of a politician.

She concluded with “What you see is what he is.”

She also spoke about a time the President was supposed to speak in front of the UN and asked her if calling North Korean Leader, Kim Jon-Un ‘Rocket Man’ would be a good idea or not.