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Neyaz Khalid Noor Expresses Concern As Taliban Takes Full Control Of Afghanistan

Entrepreneur and social worker Neyaz Khalid Noor is worried about the future of the Afghan population as Taliban takes full control of the nation.

After the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban has once again taken complete control over Afghanistan. Taliban had earlier ruled the nation for five years before American forces removed them in 2001. As the fundamentalist group is believed to maintain ties with al-Qaeda, it is feared that Afghanistan might turn into a terrorist safe haven. The takeover has also endangered the basic rights of the female population in the country.

While the Taliban claims to protect the fundamental rights of women, their history of violently suppressing women’s rights says a different story. Reports of females being sent away from their universities and offices are surfacing in the media. And seems like the future they were promised is terribly close to slipping away.

Social activist Neyaz Khalid Noor has expressed concern over the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and its future that is heading towards darkness. He says, “Afghanistan was neither free yesterday nor is it free today! Initially, we all feel extremely sad for the ordinary Afghan civilians; their lives have been torn to pieces for the last 30 years or more. It feels like there is no way for real peace.”

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Emphasizing how the Afghan population never lived a normal life, Neyaz added, “The current situation is not new for the people of Afghanistan; they have been stuck for generations in proxy wars of global and regional powers. Children have been born into battle. For years, families have been living in refugee camps, thousands more have fled their homes in recent days.”

He suggested, “There is an immediate need of an armistice, which will eventually lead to a negotiated political settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban that will guarantee the rights and safety of all Afghans. But this is only possible if the Taliban have an inducement to negotiate.”

Neyaz Khalid Noor is an entrepreneur and social worker. The Patna-born social activist garnered praise for his relentless efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Be it distributing rations or providing free oxygen cylinders and medicines to the
needy, he walked the extra mile to help the people in need.

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