Mr. Beast Responds To The Viral Tweet Claiming He Was Dead

The YouTuber has once again fallen victim to false information that spread like wildfire following a tweet.

Mr. Beast Death Hoax: Mr. Beast has become a victim of fake news on social media claiming that he was dead, this is not the first time that the Youtuber has become a victim of fake news. In 2021, news of his passing went viral making headlines, although Mr. Beast later clarified that the news was fake and that he was alive and well, fans were still furious. Due to his ever-growing popularity, he has caught the attention of both fans and haters, in March 2023 he became the most followed personality on the internet. A Twitter user named Drake shared a tweet on 16th March 2023 claiming that the Youtuber was involved in a car accident on highway 62 near Main street and died, the news quickly made headlines and received lots of reactions from fans, it was later debunked by the Youtuber himself.

How fans reacted to this news

After the news went viral, fans went crazy over the internet trying to confirm the information. There were a lot of angry and furious fans who called out the fake tweet. One fan commented, “He is not dead.” Another user commented, “Why would you believe it when he was perfectly well hours ago and had no physical problems.” While one furious Twitter user commented, “Fake news, stop lying.”

While there are many conveniences with the use of the internet there are many problems as well including fake news which has become quite common these days. These types of news not only affect the fans but can also cause panic to the family of the mentioned individual, therefore please verify news before casually sharing it, especially the news of someone’s death.

Mr. Beast’s response to the tweet

Mr. Beast posted a humorous tweet in response to the fake news, and since then the tweet has gained a lot of reactions.

He wrote, “Why does this have 100,000 likes? Lol.” 

On a Podcast with Andrew Schulz, Mr. Beast revealed his plans for the future of the channel he said, “last person with their hand on my tombstone wins the channel,” a challenge among his closest friends (Karl, Chandler, and Chris). He explained how he wants this challenge to be the last uploaded video on his channel and that he has prepared an entire list of instructions to be followed during the challenge.

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