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Mona Lisa’ made of Rubik’s Cubes to be auctioned, expected to fetch over ₹1 cr

An artist's interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', made up of 330 Rubik's Cubes, is set to be auctioned in Paris on February 23. Made by French street artist Invader, who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask, the artwork is expected to fetch up to $1,66,000 (over ₹1 crore), auction organisers said.

An image of the Mona Lisa made of 330 Rubik’s Cubes is going on sale in Paris, just down the road from Leonardo da Vinci’s original.

The 2005 work by French urban artist Invader is expected to fetch up to 150,000 euros ($165,000) at the modern art auction, organisers Artcurial said on Monday. It uses the plastic puzzles’ squares to create a mosaic of the Mona Lisa and her famous smile in garish colours.

“You almost don’t need to see the details. You know it’s the Mona Lisa, simply because of the position, the composition, and that’s what’s magical,” said Arnaud Oliveux, head of Artcurial’s urban art department.

The auction on Feb. 23 coincides with a blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the nearby Louvre, the home of the real Mona Lisa. That show marks the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance master.

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