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Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire, reportedly missing

Jack ma, the illustrious co-founder of two companies called Alibaba and Ant Group, reportedly missing amid Chinese regulators recently intensifying their investigation in the billionaire’s Ant Group.

Speculations are rising about Jack ma reportedly missing amid Chinese regulators intensifying their investigation. The Chinese billionaire’s Ant Group has recently come under the scanner and his disappearance may not be a coincidence. According to reports, Jack ma has not made a public appearance in two months. Questions about his whereabouts have increased since his failure to appear on the last episode of his own show called ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’.

Jack ma is the illustrious co-founder of two companies called Alibaba and Ant Group, reportedly missing. According to reports, he failed to make a public appearance since Ant’s initial public offer (IPO) got suspended in November 2020. The Chinese government also advised him to not leave the country.

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The infamous businessman had criticised the Chinese regulators in his earlier public address for being backward. Subsequently, the campaign against Alibaba and its contemporaries worsened. In his speech, he had accused the China’s financial and regulatory systems of delimiting innovation. He had encouraged a revamp for extending financial aid to smaller firms and individuals using technology.

In the recent months, China has occupied itself into regulating anticompetitive behaviour in its rapidly-growing internet community. Only last month, the country’s regulators announced an anti-trust investigation into Alibaba, Ant’s sister firm. Moreover, authorities asked Ant to revamp its lending and other consumer-finance sections. They are currently investigating into Ant’s investments over the last few years and the corresponding reasons for these investments.

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