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Donald Trump claims India and China are no longer developing nations and they are being ripped off

The World Trade Organisation has been urged by US President Donald Trump to not consider India and China as developing nations and also claimed that both China and India are ripping the US off. He also claimed that both the countries are no longer developing nations as they are fully taking advantage of the tag given to them by the WTO.

President Trump stated, “WTO what a group it is .. that’s a real beauty… they consider China as a developing nation… we wrote a letter to the WTO… we don’t consider China as a developing nation … We don’t consider India a developing nation anymore because they are ripping us off.”

This statement was made amid the time when the US and China are in a protracted trade war, as the Trump administration issues economic sanctions on  Chinese goods and Beijing retaliated. Trump also criticized India nad termed it as ‘tariff king’ for issuing tremendously high’ duties on US products. Currently, India-US are working closely on a trade deal and President Trump who recently met up with PM Modi in the US had also stated that India-US will soon have a trade deal.

Even Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who is in Washington DC made a statement on the  India-US trade deal on Friday and said, “I hope to have an agreement sooner. I know the intensity with which negotiations are going on. Few issues on which there could be differences are being sorted out.”

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