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Coronavirus Update: US Bans Travel From China

Cases of novel coronavirus continue to rise rapidly as US bans travel from China.

The novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread worldwide. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus is nearing to 12,000, leading to bans and outbreaks of ugly anti-China xenophobia.

According to Chinese health authorities, on Friday the number of confirmed cases grew by 2102, bringing the total to 11,791 nationwide. In addition to that 45 people died in Hubei, the province which the epicenter of the outbreak.

This is a clear indication that the virus is not slowing down, even after over a week of much of Hubei being under partial quarantine and an extended Lunar New Year holiday. With most of China returning back to work from Monday, the concern has raised about how far the virus will now spread. If more of partial quarantine happens then the country might suffer huge economic losses. Travel restrictions have become mandatory owing to the contagiousness’ of the deadly disease.

On Friday, Washington announced that it is imposing a 14 day travel ban on all visitors from China, regardless of nationality. US citizens returning from China will be compulsory have to undergo 14 days quarantine on arrival, while those traveling from Hubei or any other part of China will face screening and monitoring.

This move of US came after a man from California who returned from Wuhan was confirmed positive of the novel coronavirus. This will be for first time the US has issued such an order in 50 years.

However, US ban comes second after Singapore who imposed a ban on all visitors from mainland China. Taiwan also suspended visa applications for Chinese nationals, and banned entry to any from Hubei province.

Talking about India, yesterday Air India sent a flight to China to evacuate the Indians stuck in Wuhan province. The flight included a team of doctors and other paramedical people. They have returned with 91 people amongst the 234 over there. Reports are that India will send another flight to get the rest of them back in India.

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