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Coronavirus Update: Beijing Sets New Strict Quarantine Rules

The mandatory measure comes in effect with the Chinese Government's recent disclosure. The statement says that the medical staff helping to combat the novel coronavirus has also got infected with it.

According to the recently released a report about the novel coronavirus, the death toll has surpassed 1500 and the number of infections now exceeds 66,000.

In order to protect the city from a major outbreak like Wuhan, Beijing has imposed new quarantine rules. A Chinese state-run television announced on its website that everyone returning to Beijing would be required to isolate themselves for 14 days.

The text order also read, “Anyone who does not comply shall be held accountable according to the law.” The order has been issued by a Communist  Party at the municipal level, and not by the national Communist Party.

Meanwhile, in China the leaders are struggling to strike the right balance between restarting the economy and continuing the fight with the coronavirus outbreak.

The country’s top officials had a meet and issued orders that include a mandatory help to help people to return to workplaces from their hometowns. In accordance with the Lunar New Year holiday, tens of millions of people have gone home to celebrate. Later The government acknowledged the seriousness of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic. Due to which the people returning to big cities had to face local government checkpoints on the way back to work and also lengthy quarantines.

 While the National Leaders may be worried because of the travel restrictions, the quarantines may be preventing companies from finding enough workers to resume full productions. But that did not stop Beijing municipal leaders from further tightening controls on Friday evening.

The policy may reduce the chances that people returning from the hinterlands could infect the country’s elite.

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