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China Rushes To Build More Hospitals As Coronavirus Outbreak Grows

Coronavirus Update: Majority deaths in Hubei, but few infections are being confirmed across China and overseas.

The death toll in China rose to 490 as of Wednesday owing to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. Hubei, the province that is considered as the epicenter of the outbreak reported 65 deaths from flu-like infections.

China’s National Health Commission said on Wednesday that the number of confirmed infections in the country rose to 24,324 after an additional 3,887 people were tested positive with the virus.

Hong Kong and the Philippines reported one death each from the disease. Apart from China, many other countries continue to report more cases of Novel Coronavirus.

The authorities in China have already rushed to build two infectious disease hospitals in a matter of days at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. The hospitals have now claimed at least 490 lives on the mainland. With live streams showing the construction and the arrival of the first patient at Huoshenshan field hospital in Wuhan on Tuesday.

The Huoshenshan hospital has 1,000 beds, while Thunder God Mountain Hospital has 1600 beds. The latter will start accepting patients from Thursday onwards.

With no signs of this outbreak slowing down, the reports are that there are other hospitals are also under construction elsewhere in the country to address the emergency of the situation and also because of the shortage of beds and facilities needed to treat the outbreak.

The head World Health Organization (WHO) has called for greater solidarity among the international community, and also criticized the Government for being “well behind” in sharing data on positive coronavirus cases. He said that he had received complete case report forms for only 38 percent of the cases outside mainland China.

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