Twitter says it will add an ‘Edit’ button when ‘everyone wears a mask’

Twitter has said its users can have an "Edit" button when "everyone wears a mask". The platform's communications team added, "Everyone means EVERYONE." It currently doesn't allow a tweet to be edited once it has been posted.

Microblogging platform Twitter announced on Thursday that it would add the much sought-after ‘edit’ button – but only when everyone began wearing a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. Twitter is estimated to have over 320 million active users, and many have been asking the platform to add a feature which would allow them to edit posts once they have been published.

Twitter has long refused to do so, despite repeated requests from users.

On Thursday, however, the microblogging platform took a stance on the debate around wearing face masks in public, saying it would only add an ‘edit’ feature once everyone started wearing a mask. “You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask,” Twitter announced.

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The platform reiterated its point by adding “Everyone means EVERYONE,” in a separate tweet.

Most Twitter users reacted to the teasing announcement with amusement, flooding the comments section with intentionally-misspelled tweets to underline the pressing need for an edit button.

Many, however, also accused Twitter of getting “political” by taking a stance on the ‘face mask vs no face mask’ debate that is raging in the US. Wearing masks has become a contentious issue in the country, where people have staged numerous protests against orders making it compulsory to wear a face covering to prevent the spread of the highly infectious Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization in June said that face masks should be worn in places where the virus is widespread and physical distancing is difficult.

In an interview with Wired earlier this year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had said that the company would “probably never” add the edit feature as it could aid in the spread of misinformation.