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Sundar Pichai shares ‘Burrito Map’ to celebrate Google Maps’ 15th anniversary

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Google Maps, CEO Sundar Pichai shared a "Burrito Map" that he compiled to list his favourite veggie burrito places in the world on Google Maps.

To celebrate the 15th birthday of Google Maps, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has shared a list of his favorite veggie burrito restaurants around the world using the mapping service. Mr. Pichai, 47, took to social media to share the comprehensive list that includes restaurants in cities like Mumbai, New York, London, Helsinki, Paris, Dublin, and many more.

“I compiled a list of my favorite veggie burrito places from around the world. They’re my comfort food when traveling, and I get pretty excited when I find a good one,” he wrote in an Instagram post while sharing the Google Maps link to his favorite burrito places.

The list reveals that when in Mumbai, Sundar Pichai likes his Mexican food from the New York Burrito Company in Santacruz East. In London, his veggie burritos come from Tortilla Kings Cross, while in San Francisco he prefers Panzon.

“Finding the best burrito might sound trivial in the context of all the amazing things Google Maps can do-from helping to shave hours off a commute over the course of the year to providing SOS alerts during emergencies,” wrote Mr Pichai in a blog post to mark 15 years of Google Maps and celebrate the Mexican dish. “But for someone who finds as much joy in a good burrito as I do, it can be a magical moment.”

In the post, the IIT-Kharagpur alumnus also spoke about growing up in India and how Google Maps has changed the way people travel in the country today.

“In places like where I grew up in India, there wasn’t always a clear structure to the address system,” he wrote. “That meant giving an auto rickshaw driver a landmark, like a hotel, and then as I got close, popping my head out to ask for directions to the actual destination.”

Contrasting that with his first experience of using Google Maps in India, Mr Pichai said: “I had arrived in Mumbai in the early morning hours and jumped into a cab to get to a friend’s house which was difficult to locate. Using Google Maps, I was able to give the driver turn-by-turn directions without asking anyone. I was excited by how easy it was, but my driver was really blown away.”

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