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Samsung Galaxy S11e could feature a really big battery

The compact Galaxy S11e could house a 3,800mAh or 3,900mAh battery capacity, which would be quite an upgrade over the Galaxy S10e's battery.

Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series may sport bigger batteries than we had initially expected thanks to a leak about the smallest handset in the range.

The Galaxy S11e’s battery has been leaked thanks to a listing on a Korean safety website – spotted by GalaxyClub – that includes a photo of the phone’s battery cell.

That cell says it has a capacity of 3,730mAh. If that’s true, it will likely be marketed as a 3,800mAh cell (often companies round the number up) which is remarkably bigger than the 3,100mAh one inside the Galaxy S10e.

There’s currently no evidence of how big the battery will be in the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S11 Plus, but if the company is opting to improve the Galaxy S10e sequel that may mean battery improvements are coming across the board.

Another theory for this battery increase is that this will be a 5G model of the phone. Samsung is expected to introduce a new variety of 5G models for its Galaxy S11 series, and that feature can be a bigger drain on battery.

It would make sense if Samsung decides to increase the battery capacity in order to cope with that, so it may be that the standard version of the phone won’t sport a bigger battery after all.

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