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New Artificial skin invention that can allow you to tickle your phone

A new interface has been developed that can allow ‘phones, wearables or computers to “feel” sensations such as tickling, caressing, twisting and even pinching just as the human skin does.’ This “Skin-On” interface, mimics human skin in appearance but also in sensing resolution.

Marc Teyssier from Telecomm ParisTech in France said “One of the main use of smartphones is mediated communication, using text, voice, video, or a combination. We implemented a messaging application where users can express rich tactile emotions on the artificial skin. The intensity of the touch controls the size of the emojis. A strong grip conveys anger while tickling the skin displays a laughing emoji and tapping creates a surprised emoji”

The interface is not only rigid but it can also detect a plethora of gestures made by the end-users.

Artificial skin has been widely studied in the field of robotics but with a focus on safety, sensing or cosmetic aims. This is the first research we are aware of that looks at exploiting realistic artificial skin as a new input method for augmenting devices,” Teyssier said.

Well, that’s interesting.

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