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Kanye West calls media apps ‘modern-day cigarettes’ but praises Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Kanye West in a recent interview with Apple Music was seen slamming social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram and called they addictive but was seen praising Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and calls him a 'visionary'

Kanye West who interviewed on Apple Music was seen taking a jab at social media apps, and called them addictive and brainwashing. Kanye in his interview spoke about his decade-long sex addiction and blamed Instagram for contributing to his ‘struggle’. He said that apps like Instagram are ‘modern-day cigarettes,’ that contributed to his ‘struggle.’ Not only that but he also compared photos on Instagram to what pornography was like for him growing up.

Kanye who just dropped his new gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’ called Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is his favourite founder and also said that he was incredibly smart. He seemed full of praise for  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and even called him ‘a visionary.’ He said, “Jack Dorsey has created an app where someone can buy into that stock at a dollar,’ West said about Dorsey’s pilot stock-trading app that lets anyone invest in stock for a dollar.” He also spoke about how Dorsey was the first investor who wanted to invest n him early on in his career.

But he also made clear that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was not his favourite. As he stated that he will always remember every meeting and interaction he has had with Jack Dorsey, and he will always remember his meetings and interactions with Mark Zuckerberg — as they’ve been completely different.

Even Dorsey shared his distaste for Zuckerberg in an interview this week at the Twitter News Summit in New York City. On being asked about his opinion of Zuckerberg’s speech that he delivered at Georgetown University, that stated he decided on not banning political ads in the name of free speech and further defended his company’s refusal on ‘fact-check’ Trump campaign ads. According to Dorsey, Zuckerberg seems to have had a ‘major gap and flaw’ in his argument for free speech.

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