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Google brings back old Doodle Games for users to play at home amid COVID-19

Search giant Google has now launched a Google doodle series that basically deals with some of the most popular interactive Google Doodle games.

On Tuesday, the doodle was about a 2017 game Cricket. On hovering on the doodle a text that reads, “Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles: Cricket (2017)” pops up.

According to a statement on its official website, “As Covid-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people and families everywhere are spending more time at home. In light of this, we’re launching a throwback Doodle series looking back at some of our popular interactive Google Doodle games! Stay and play at home with today’s featured throwback: Our 2017 Doodle game celebrating Cricket!”

Previously, Google Doodle had done a series in which it expressed its gratitude towards those who continue to work on the ground even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Honouring the “coronavirus helpers” for the work that they are doing google doodle each day created a doodle for people of a specific profession.

The doodle honoured professions ranging from that of a delivery person to the ones involved in the healthcare sector.

On hovering upon the doodles of this particular series a text reading “to all coronavirus helpers, thank you” would pop up.

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