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Facebook launches new Preventive Health feature that will track health digitally!

Facebook just launched a new feature called Preventive Health, that will help track one's blood pressure, flu risks and cancer screening based on the user's age and sex.

Facebook’s newly launched tool is said to help users track your heart, cancer and flu risks. This new feature is called Preventive Health, that will make recommendations, based on the users’ age and sex, and will notify when one should get a cholesterol test or where to get a flu shot. This feature is only currently available in the US.

Cardiologist Dr Freddy Abnousi, head of Facebook’s health care research department said, “As a clinician, I’m keenly aware that health care is different, and health information is different, and that we have to treat it differently, and we have.”

Facebook in order to build the Preventive Health feature, collaborated with the American Cancer Society, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their collaboration with these agencies will ensure that the clinical recommendations are not only accurate but also easily translatable to users. 

On accessing this feature, the user will be asked to enter their weight and age, which will then take them to a list of preventive care suggestions, including blood pressure tests, colorectal cancer screenings, cholesterol tests and more. The sure can also have their reminders for tests and check-ups set up. Preventive Health for flu shots will also assist with maps of community clinics and pharmacies that one can go to.

Facebook has also said that they ill not share data with third parties and will also not allow advertisers to displayed ads based on the information shared by the users. Facebook will also launch the Spanish version of the tool, while the company will also bring Preventive Health in other countries, thus covering more healthcare topics. The tool will also promote blood donation and organ donations.

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