Friday, September 25, 2020

    Automatic voice-activated robot makes toasted sandwiches on demand!

    A team of students in the US invent a voice-controlled robot that makes perfect grilled cheese sandwiches on demand!


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    Cheeseborg, a voice-controlled robot is created to make perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, without you having to lift a finger, only on demand. The voice-activated robot is created by a team of students in the US, engineer Tayor Tabb and his colleagues created this toastie at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

    The bot uses a vacuum to assemble the sandwich by loading two bread slices and one slice of cheese to a conveyor belt. The conveyor then moves the ingredients into a sandwich press and the lid closes and begins grilling. After the toast gets grilled, the snack is pushed out in the pickup area, where one can collect it and eat it.

    Talking about the invention Tabb said, “While grilled cheese is comfort food, the process of making grilled cheese is less than ideal. As hungry college students awake at hours [at which] it’s often hard to find food, we knew this was our calling- not just for us, but for grilled cheese eaters everywhere. At first, it was simple — what if a robot could make you a grilled cheese? But once that seemed doable, we thought we could be even bolder. What if you could make a grilled cheese and make it totally hands-free and voice-activated and able to be integrated it into a smart home? And that, that is Cheeseborg.” He also revealed how their research and testing also led them to find the perfect cook time and temperature for their grilled cheese. He said, “We optimised for gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside!”

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