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Anand Mahindra proposes turning coffee bean waste into car parts

Eleven per cent of the world’s population – almost 800 million people — is currently vulnerable to the ill-effects of climate change like floods, droughts and other extreme weather variations. Recycling is one of the top ways to push Earth towards remaining a life-sustaining planet for the coming generations.

At this crucial time, when humans are expected to reduce the mess they have been creating for years, Indian business tycoon Anand Mahindra has proposed to use the wasted chaff of roasted coffee beans to manufacture car parts.

Mahindra, who is the chairperson of an Indian multinational car manufacturing corporation called “Mahindra and Mahindra Limited” on Thursday, reached out to Manoj Kumar on Twitter, whose “Naandi Foundation” works with 12,000 coffee farmers in India to produce one of world’s most relished coffees – Araku.

Replying to Mahindra, Kumar’s tweet claimed that his Araku project produces no waste at all.

However, the coffee-king was open to learning waste management from fast-food chain McDonald’s, that hands over 62 million pounds of coffee chaff every year to the US-based car manufacturing company Ford, which turns the waste into car parts.

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