AirPods Pro with noise cancellation may launch this week

The rumoured AirPods Pro with noise cancellation and water resistance may launch sometime this week.

As the holiday shopping season nears, Apple is getting ready to launch new high-end AirPods. While the company has not confirmed the existence of AirPods Pro, multiple reports suggest the launch of the so-called noise cancellation earbuds is imminent.

With the AirPods being the most popular truly wireless earbuds in the market, it isn’t surprising to see the arrival of AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, improved sound quality and water resistance. Rumour has it that they will be the most AirPods yet, costing $260.

Apple AirPods Pro: Different design

AirPods Pro will offer a new design with a metal design and an angled stem. The leaked icon buried in the latest beta, version 13.2, shows an angled in-ear design. Even the design of the case looks a lot different from the existing AirPods.

Apple AirPods Pro: Active noise cancellation

Perhaps what makes the AirPods Pro superior compared to the existing AirPods is Active noise-cancellation (ANC), which uses sensitive microphones to pick-up low-frequency noise. Apple-owned Beats brand recently launched the Beats Pro Solo headphones. which uses a form of adaptive noise cancellation Beats called “Pure ANC”. The headphones’ microphones constantly monitor the noise of your surroundings and then adjust the intensity of its active noise cancellation accordingly. Amazon’s Echo Buds, priced at $129, come with Bose active noise canceling technology.

Apple AirPods Pro: Water resistance

AirPods Pro are also rumoured to get water resistance support, meaning they will be able to hold up to splashes of rain and water. Neither Samsung Buds nor Amazon Echo Buds offer water resistance but they do have some water resistance.

Apple AirPods Pro: Release date and price

Don’t be surprised if Apple launches the new AirPods Pro this week. Prominent leaker Ben Geskin claims that AirPods Pro will be shown to the press either Tuesday or Wednesday at Apple’s local offices in different countries. If Geskin’s prediction comes true, then we can expect Apple to launch AirPods Pro in a day or two. The company is clearly eyeing the annual holiday shopping season with the launch of AirPods Pro.

As far as price is concerned, Apple’s AirPods may cost around $260 (or approx Rs 18,423). In comparison, the current-generation AirPods cost $159 with the regular charging case or $199 with the wireless charging case.