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THIS Ramayan Character Is Inspiration Behind Sehwag’s Batting; Check Out

Virendra Sehwag tweeted a picture of a scene from Ramayan TV show and revealed the character that has inspired his batting. Read below to know more.

Former India cricketer Virendra Sehwag is known for his fiery knocks and fearless batting. The former opener took to his Twitter handle to reveal the inspiration behind his batting. But if you are thinking that he is referring to some iconic or legendary cricketers then you might be wrong.

Sehwag shared a scene from the TV show Ramayan which is currently airing on Doordarshan on his Twitter, and wrote, “So here is where i took my batting inspiration from.”

The scene in the photo is from Ravan’s courtroom, where Angad- the son of Bali and a member of the Vanar Sena is standing strong as one of Ravan’s generals tries to move his feet as a part of the challenge.

Sehwag tweeted, Pair hilana mushkil hi nahi , namumkin hai (moving his foot is not just a difficult task, it is impossible).” The line is from a famous Bollywood film Don. “Angad ji Rocks”, he concluded.

The scene happens when Ram sends Angad with a peace offering as his messenger, as a last resort before his battle with Ravan’s army. Angad informs Ravan that if he returns Sita unharmed and apologizes to him, Ram will leave Lanka peacefully.

But Ravan scoffs at his request and insults Ram. Then Angad puts his foot in the middle of the courtroom and says if one of Ravan’s warriors would push his foot, he will take the entire army back from Lanka on Ram’s behalf.

Yet none of the guerrillas, who try, including the most powerful son of Ravan Indrajit, manage to move his foot.

Amidst the nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, Ramayan is airing on Doordarshan to keep everyone entertained whilst at home. And everyone is loving the re-runs of the classic 90s shows and are not missing out on any of the episodes.

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