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Shane Warne Stops The Production Of Gin In His Distillery To Produce Hand Sanitizers

Shane Warne's company, which he co-owns, discontinued the production of gin earlier this week and is now indefinitely pumping out 70% alcohol hand sanitizer.

Australian cricket great Shane Warne stopped gin production at a distillery which he co-owns to produce medical-grade hand sanitizers for hospitals in these “challenging times”.

The spin legend, who played 145 Tests for the Australian cricket team, responded to the plea for of Australia’s Prime Minister for companies to contribute where ever they can during the plummeting coronavirus crisis.

Shane Warne took to his Instagram to share the news. He wrote, “This is a challenging time for Australians and we all need to do what we can to help our healthcare system combat this disease and save lives.”

Shane Warne is a co-founder along in the company along with two notable surgeons with an agreement to supply two Western Australian hospitals with a cost-effective hand sanitizer.

The company stopped the production of gin earlier this week and is now indefinitely pumping out 70 percent alcohol hand sanitizers.

It follows a similar move by a distillery in Ireland, with a hand sanitizer in short supply in several countries combating the virus.

Until now, Australia has seen more than 750 confirmed coronavirus cases with seven deaths from the disease.

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