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Rohit Sharma Reveals His Cricket Crush; Check Out

Rohit Sharma has spilled the beans on his cricket crush while in conversation with Yuvraj Singh on Instagram Live. Read below to know more.

Rohit Sharma caught up with his former Mumbai Indians teammate Yuvraj Singh in an Instagram Live session and the two fiery batsmen had a blast. The two discussed various topics during the Instagram Live and Rohit Sharma spilled the beans on who is his cricket crush.

During the Instagram Live session Rohit Sharma revealed that when he walked into team India’s dressing room Yuvraj Singh was his cricket crush. Sharma said, “When I came into the team, my cricket crush was Yuvraj Singh. I always wanted to talk to Yuvraj Singh, I always wanted to see how he prepares and what he does.”

Later, Rohit Sharma asked Yuvraj about the difference between the current Indian team and the former Indian team which played alongside the left-hander during his initial days in the International team.

To which Yuvraj Singh replied, “When I came into the team or when you (Rohit) came into the team, our seniors were very disciplined. Obviously, there was no social media so there were no distractions.”

The former India cricketer then added, “There was a certain behaviour that we boys had to carry, how they talk to people, how they talk to media. Because they were the ambassadors of the game and India.”

The two also commented on Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul incident happened on Koffee With Karan for which the two got suspended for their loose talk on women to which Yuvraj said that such an incident won’t have happened in their times.

The on-going coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole sports world to a standstill and the sportspersons are using social media to interact with their fans.

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