MS Dhoni’s Digital Webseries Debut Is Based On A Book

Celebrated indian cricketer MS Dhoni's digital webseries debut is based on a book.

While the news of the most popular, globally loved and celebrated Indian star batsman’s early retirement from cricket has left every fan, audience and viewer teary eyed here comes a very exciting news for everyone can rejoice now as MS Dhoni’s digital webseries debut is based on a book.

The celebrated and most iconic Indian cricketer has already decided what he plans to do ahead after this retirement and this happy news will make surely make his fans happy that their favorite cricketer MS Dhoni’s digital webseries debut is based on a book.

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It is confirmed news that the stellar batsman MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni will be making their foray and venture into producing OTT web content and films under their production house where at the moment currently there are almost 6 projects in the making as of now.

Out of the 6 upcoming film and web content projects that are in the making under their production house banner, one of the six projects is going to be a feature film adaptation based on a book written by an Indian author which is yet to hit the publishing houses and markets.

Also speaking about the details of the eagerly anticipated and much awaited film project in one of her earlier interviews with a leading digital entertainment website, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi had said, “We have acquired the rights of an unpublished book of a debutant author. We will adapt it into a web series. It is a mythological sci-fi story that explores the journey of a mysterious Aghori and is set at a high-tech facility on a remote island”.

Now, according to the leading digital entertainment website’s reports, a source who is involved in the development of the much awaited digital webseries project was quoted saying as, “Dhoni’s debut web series is actually adapted from a book called The Hidden Hindu, written by Akshat Gupta. It’s going to be mounted on a huge scale and might also be India’s costliest web series ever. The show will be revolving around the fictional character of an Aghori who’s born in Satyug and was hidden in time, only to be found alive now. It’s an interesting concept and a brand new genre for the Indian audience. Sakshi Dhoni loved the book and is currently getting a script readied for their digital adaptation”.

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