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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Likely To Be Postponed?

On Friday, Cricket Australia said that it is “very high risk” of this year’s T20 World Cup being postponed and the board is gearing up themselves for a huge revenue loss. Read below to know more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has half of the word gripped in its clutches and many major events have either been called-off or cancelled because of the scare of the disease. Cricketing activities too have been adversely affected because of the health crises and many international as well as domestic matches have been cancelled.

The major blow suffered by the cricket fraternity is when the money-spinning Indian Premier League (IPL) got indefinitely postponed pertaining to a spike in the cases of coronavirus cases in India. Meanwhile, the clouds of doubt hover over the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup which is to be held in Australia later this year.

On Friday, Cricket Australia (CA) said that there is a “very high risk” of this year’s T20 World Cup being postponed and they are bracing themselves for huge revenue loss that may occur because of the same. Speaking to the reports, CA chief executive Kevin Roberts confessed that the fate of T20 World Cup, to be hosted down-under in the October-November window this year is uncertain. Giving the reason for it, he said that it is because of the travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roberts said, “We have been hopeful all along that it could be staged in October-November but you would have to say there’s a very high risk about the prospect of that happening.”

Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has postponed all the events till June 10, saying that it wants to continue exploring alternate plans for some more time.

Roberts also admitted that CA is estimating a loss of around AUD 80 million. He also said that even if the tournament doesn’t get postponed as goes ahead as planned, it is likely to be held in empty stadiums because of the social distancing orders.

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However, a couple of days back ICC announced that team India will be touring Australia in December for its first away day-night Test match. The schedule for the same is also out.

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