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Here’s Why Umar Akmal Is Trending On Twitter

Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal is trending on Twitter. Read below for further details.

Umar Akmal, the Pakistani cricketer is trending on Twitter. #UmarAkmalQuote is making rounds on Twitter and netizens are not missing a chance to check it out.

The Pakistani cricketer is not trending because of his cricketing record but because of his weak English speaking ability. It is unfair to judge someone based on their English speaking ability but no one ever misses a chance to troll Pakistani players. No, it doesn’t happen because of the rivalry but just for the means of fun.

The Pakistani cricketer becomes memes several times because of his poor wicket-keeping skills as well. We can say that Umar Akmal is a walking meme content

Here are a few memes that will leave you amazed and laughing till your stomach hurts:

Have a good laugh!

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