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Here’s What Virat Kohli Thinks About Playing Behind Closed Doors; Find Out

India skipper Virat Kohli has expressed his opinions on playing matches in an empty stadium post the coronavirus subsides. Read below to know more.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, various sporting events across the globe have either been called-off or postponed. The COVID-19 crisis has affected the game of cricket as well. Doubts are hovering over the major ICC tournaments like Asia Cup and T20 World Cup and even the Indian Premier League (IPL). There are speculations that upcoming cricket matches will be played behind closed doors post the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Expressing his opinions on the same, team India skipper Virat Kohli is sure that matches will be “played at a very good intensity” but he feels like in the absence of crowd it will be difficult to create “those magical moments.”

The 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has already been hit with indefinite postponement as the nationwide lockdown got further extended with a surge in the COVID-19 positive cases.

Even when the authorities are considering to play the matches behind the closed door, Virat Kohli doubts that one will feel that magic happening inside” without any crowd to cheer up.

Clarifying his opinion, Virat said, “It’s quite a possible situation, it might happen.” He further added, “I honestly don’t know how everyone is going to take that because we are used to playing in front of so many passionate fans. I know it will be played at a very good intensity but that feel of the crowd connecting with the players and the tension of the game where everyone goes through it in the stadium, those emotions are very difficult to recreate.”

Last month, Aussie bowler Nathan Lyon also spoke about how the Indian skipper would react on playing the matched in an empty stadium. Nathan said, “He’s probably good enough to adapt to any scenario. But I was talking to Mitch Starc the other day and we actually said that if we are playing with no crowd, it’ll be quite amazing to see Virat trying to rev up the (empty) seats.”

Lyon added, “It’s going to be a little bit different, but Virat is a superstar. He’ll be able to adapt to any climate that we’re able to play in.”

Well, the cricket buffs remain in anticipation for the cricket tournaments to start and might accept watching the matches from home rather than stadiums owing to the on-going coronavirus tension.

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