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Here’s How MS Dhoni Made Sanju Samson’s Dream Come True; Check Out

Sanju Samson recalls a dream sequence involving former India skipper MS Dhoni that actually came true in real life. Read below to know more.

Former team India skipper MS Dhoni is looked up as a role model by many young and budding cricketers. They idolize him and work hard to play for the nation and it was the same with Sanju Samson. However, fate decided to side with Samson and his dream sequence came true in real life, courtesy none other one India’s best finisher MS Dhoni.

While interacting with Chennai Super Kings on Instagram Live, the 25-year old recalled an incident from the early days of his career, which spoke volumes of how much respect he has for the World Cup winning captain.

When quizzed about his first interaction with MS Dhoni, the right-hand batsman traced back into memory lane and said that he had first shared the dressing room with him when he was just 19 years old. It was during a tour of England.

Samson then said, “After that, I didn’t play for India for five years.”

He further added, “For those five years, I was dreaming of playing for India, I was literally dreaming.” He then went on to confess that he had a desire to play in the blue jersey while MS Dhoni was still the captain of the Indian cricket team.

Samson recalled, “I had a dream that Mahi bhai is the captain of the team and he is changing fields.” The RR batsman then continued, “After a few days, we got the news that he has stepped down from captaincy. So, I was thinking how will that dream come true? I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Then elated Sanju said, “After a few weeks, we played a match in Mumbai, with India A against England, for which they asked him to captain. And I was standing in the slips and he said ‘Sanju, udhar jaa’, and I ran to position, so finally that dream happened.”

Samson confessed that he was nervous to tell MS Dhoni about this dream of his, but he said that he hopes than when he does tell it to him, it brings a smile on Dhoni’s face.

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