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David Beckham & His Family Applaud Healthcare Workers

David Beckham and his family applauded and thanked the efforts of healthcare workers for ‘another week of hard work’ in the midst of the on-going coronavirus pandemic. Read below to know more.

Former England footballer David Beckham along with his family thanked all the healthcare workers on the frontline fighting the coronavirus pandemic. David and his family thanked the frontline workers for ‘another week of hard work’.

David Beckham took to his Instagram and posted a video in which the iconic footballer can be seen applauding alongside his wife and children. He wrote in the story, “Managed to set the phone up this week to get the whole family showing our appreciation for all the frontline workers and our brilliant NHS. Thank you for another week of hard work. #ClapForOurCarers.”

According to John Hopkins University, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus has climbed up to 1.5 million with the death toll around 95,000.

In the United Kingdom, around 8,000 people have died due to the COVID-19 infection.

The United States has currently become the new epicenter of the novel coronavirus disease after Italy and Spain with around 432,132 cases reported positive for COVID-19 and around 14,817 deaths.

The healthcare workers which include doctor, nurses, paramedical staff are continuous on their toes fighting a war against the coronavirus in order to keep people safe and combat the spread of the deadly virus.

The whole world currently has been paralyzed because of the virus and many major events have been canceled owing to the contingency of the virus. At such times of crisis people around the world are asked to stay at home.

In a tough time like this people are taking out time to applaud the efforts of the healthcare workers for their tireless efforts.

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