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Netizens Slammed Chai Latte Recipe For Being So Extra

After watching Web md's Chai latte recipe video on Twitter, the desi Netizens slammed chai latte recipe for being so extra.

Even if the entire day the family members are busy in different sections of the same house, but chai time is the only moment when entire family kind of gets together and sits down to spend quality time with each other. So naturally if a new recipe of the original classic beverage is invented then it would end up facing the wrath and ire of everyone which happened very recently when the Netizens slammed Chai latte recipe for being so extra.

Recently a few weeks back the twitteratis, food connoisseurs and fans yet again united together and decided to show the new recipe its mistake where even the Netizens slammed the chai latte recipe for being so extra.

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Chai also known as tea in English is the original classic hot beverage that has its own rich Indian legacy where in from our childhood days itself, chai has been the instrument that brought people together to start the happy conversations with the neighbors and other family members.

Experimenting with a cult favorite preferred Indian hot beverage to concoct a new variation of the classic chai is not a bad move, but if it is so extra and over the top which is not even needed when compared to the sweet aromatic tantalizing chai that you have each day in your life, then yes, certainly it’s the worst move ever.

Chai is something that is so much embedded and deeply rooted within all of us that any experimental change by creating a new disastrous recipe which is trying to change its originality is not acceptable at all.

Recently web md had uploaded a video of how to make a chai latte on twitter and after that it faced the rage and ire of all the indian chai lovers where even the Netizens slammed the chai latte recipe for being so extra following which they later removed the video and their tweet as well which is the reason we won’t be able to find it on Twitter now.

It was still bearable and tolerant till the time of making a chai latte, but then the video also specifically tells you to add star anise along with coconut milk and tea bags.

The Indian chai lovers and desi Netizens got very pissed off and appalled by looking at the shade of the tea along with its preparation as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting tweets by desi Netizens on the same –

Source: Nandita Iyer Twitter. slammed the chai latte badly
Source: Nianne Hendricks Twitter. she has also trolled the chai latte
Source: Yusra Askari Twitter. She has also badly trolled the chai latte recipe on her tweet.
Source: Kabir Taneja Twitter. He has also mocked the chai latte recipe for being so extra.
Source: Chaiti Narula Twitter. Hailing the classic masala chai, she insulted the chai latte recipe for being so extra.

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