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Legendary Cricketer AB De Villiers Engages In A Friendly Conversation With Indian Yogi Sadhguru

South African Cricketer AB De Villiers gets into a friendly conversation With Sadhguru, ahead of IPL 2020.

South African legendary cricketer AB de Villiers recently surprised everyone by engaging in a friendly conversation with the Indian yogi and author Sadhguru.

AB, who enjoys a massive fan following in India, took to twitter where he asked a question to Sadhguru, on how his country can heal from the wounds of the past; the question was played during the Satsang at the Isha Yoga Center. 

After listening to AB’s question, Sadhguru responded saying, “Please do not try to fix the past, fixing the past means manipulation. Rewriting history and saying everything was fantastic, no it was not fantastic, it was horrendous. But we can fix the future. To fix the future, there’s no magic wand. We must plan, prepare and participate, in what we call nationhood.

Sadhguru concluded by wishing the best for country, he said, “Let’s create a great future for the wonderful country that South Africa is.”

By the end of his answer, Sadhguru informed everyone about his South Africa visit next month, in an event called ‘An Evening with the Mystic’ where South Africans can interact with Sadhguru himself.

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