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Late Rahul Vohra’s Wife’s Befitting Insta Post Hails Justice

Latest update in lieu of actor and Youtuber Rahul Vohra's death from COVID 19 complications which shocked entire industry is that late Rahul Vohra's wife's befitting insta post hails justice.

This was a very shocking news indeed for the Youtuber / actor’s followers on social media and his fans who got to know that he passed away from COVID 19 complications on 8th May which has left industry reeling in state of shock and most importantly grief for his wife and now in a shocking update, late Rahul Vohra’s wife’s befitting insta post hails justice.

This is indeed true that taking to her official twitter handle, late Rahul Vohra’s wife’s befitting insta post hails justice.

Grieving over loss of her husband and now adamant to fight for his justice as well, bereaved and strong late Rahul Vohra’s wife’s befitting insta post hails justice.

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Source: Jyoti Tiwari Instagram. In this post a few days back. she placed severe allegations on healthcare fraternity citing that these people have a hand in her husband’s death.

Taking to her instagram handle, expressing her hurt and ire a few days back itself, Jyoti Tiwari wife of late youtuber / actor Rahul Vohra completely slamming and lashing out on the healthcare fraternity how many more dead bodies are you going to sell who she has time and again also blamed and placed serious allegations for taking away her husband’s life and a day before his death on 8th May, he took to his facebook account and informing everyone about his miseries shared, “Even I would have been saved, had I been given proper treatment”.

But a few days back on Thursday itself, instead of outrightly blaming them, posing straightforward question to healthcare fraternity, she has asked, “How many Rahul’s are you going to kill, and the life of how many Jyoti’s are you going to ruin?. Because of your carelessness, how many more screams are you going to shush, and how many dead bodies are you going to relish on”.

Naming it as a dangerous game, she also asked, “Till when is this going to go on? #Justiceforirahulvohra”.

This is not first time that Jyoti came forward and spoke openly about her husband’s death along with her suspicions related to it and in yet another similar post uploaded by her on 11th May on her insta handle, she had written, “Many of Rahul’s dreams are left unfulfilled, he aimed at making it big in the industry, but that cannot happen now”. Without mentioning any names she totally blamed the healthcare fraternity for breaking dreams of Rahul with his untimely and tragic demise which she also referred to as planned murder and shared, “Those are the ones responsible, who saw my husband suffering right before their eyes and yet, kept giving us false updates”.

Later in the post, she had asserted that there are many ‘Jyotis’, whose ‘Rahuls’ have been taken away by the healthcare system and asked, “How can they leave people dying and sleep peacefully at night?. Fight not for my Rahul, but for yours”.

Source: Jyoti Tiwari Instagram. She also posted this another long post on her account on 11th May 2021 asking these questions to the healthcare fraternity.

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