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Who Is The Girl In Viral Video ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’? Find Out

Find out the interesting details about the girl in the viral video 'Pawri Ho Rahi Hai'.

People on the internet have found a new trend to follow. Recently, a short clip went viral on Instagram in which a young girl can be heard saying, ‘Yeh hum hain, yeh humaari car hai, aur ye hmaari party ho rahi hai’.

Though there wasn’t anything unique about this video, but the way she said it, especially the word ‘party’, it grabbed people’s attention.

This video was picked by popular jingle artist Yashraj Mukhate who made a funny mash-up of it. People now want to know more about this girl.

Well, her name is Dananeerr Mobeen. She is a 19-year old teenage influencer from Pakistan. She mostly creates videos on beauty, fashion, make-up and lifestyle. Her Instagram profile gives an impression that she loves to sing and paint. She is also a big-time foodie who loves to munch on junk food like chips, noodles, and KFC. However, she also enjoys cooking and shares cooking recipes with her fans. 

Her original clip of ‘Party Ho Rahi Hai’ has crossed over 4.5 million views on Instagram and her fan following has been increasing since then. She currently has over 7 lakh followers on IG and the count is increasing every minute.

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