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When Lalit Modi Blackmailed His Family To Marry Minal Modi

Before dating Sushmita Sen, Lalit Modi was married to Minal Modi for 27 years. Lalit had to go against his family to marry Minal.

Indian businessman and IPL founder Lalit Modi is currently in the news as he announced his affair with former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. While his new relationship has grabbed everyone’s attention, not many people know the details of his previous marriage. Lalit was married to Minal Modi for 27 years. The promise of “Till death do us apart” stands true for Lalit Modi and Minal Modi’s marriage. Lalit lost his wife Minal to cancer in 2018. For several years, he was coping with the loss until he found companionship with Sushmita Sen.

Lalit Modi and Minal Modi relationship:

Minal Modi and Lalit Modi relationship is no less than a filmy story. They faced several ups and downs when they fell in love and decided to get married. Before Lalit, Minal was married to a Saudi Arabia-based businessman, Jack Sagrani. Sagrani was jailed for seven months for his involvement in a scam. At that time, Minal was pregnant with their first child.

Minal Modi was friends with Lalit Modi’s mother. After Minal’s husband went to jail, love brewed between her and Lalit. When Lalit told his family that he plans to marry Minal, everyone opposed. Lalit Modi’s family was unhappy with the fact that Minal was a recently divorced mother and nine years older than him. Even Lalit Modi’s mother, Bina felt betrayed.

Lalit eventually blackmailed his family saying that he would create a scandal if the marriage was not agreed to. The family was left with no choice and they eventually had to agree.

Lalit and Minal married on 17 October 1991 in Mumbai. The couple settled in Mumbai as Minal faced a social boycott in Delhi. They have two children – son Ruchir Modi and daughter Aliya. Lalit also has a step-daughter Karima Sagrani, from Minal’s first marriage. On 10 December 2018, Minal died of Cancer.

At the age of 58 years, Lalit has found love once again. He is now dating Sushmita Sen and wishes to marry her one day.

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