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Vir Das Finally Responds To His ‘Two Indias’ Controversy

Comedian Vir Das breaks his silence after receiving criticism over his latest video 'I come from Two Indias'.

Comedian Vir Das made the headlines last week when his recent video titled ‘I Come From Two Indias’ went viral on the internet. In a 6-minute monologue delivered at Kennedy Centre in Washington, Vir talked about the good and the bad in India. He spoke about some of the most topical issues in India, including the battle against Covid-19, rape cases, crackdown against comedians and the farmers’ protests.

Vir faced heavy criticism and numerous FIRs against him for his video. However, some also appreciated him for dropping the truth bombs.

After receiving all kinds of reactions, Vir Das has finally broken his silence. In a recent interview with a news channel, Vir said, “I was just doing a show. We were full, and it was my audience and I wrote a piece.”

He said that he did not intend to start a conversation with his monologue- “I don’t think you ever hope to start a conversation. I think you just hope to make people laugh in the room.”

He further added, “I am here to do my job and will continue. I won’t stop. My job is to make people laugh and if you don’t find it funny, don’t laugh.”

In case you still haven’t watched Vir Das’s controversial video, check it out here:

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