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Strict Laws Against Love Jihad In Madhya Pradesh: Chief Minister

Love Jihad is a political slur used by right wing activity in regards to inter faith marriage, mainly Muslim grooms and Hindu brides.

Following the suit of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, Madhya Pradesh too is thinking of put forth strict laws against Love Jihad.

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that they are looking into going forward with a legal format to quash love jihad in his state.

“There will be no jihad (struggle) in the name of love and if anyone dares, the action will be taken. We will be making legal arrangements to control this,”

Chauhan told the reporters ahead of Madhya Pradesh by polls. Voting starts a day later for the 28 seats.

When asked about the increasing cases of inter faith marriages he said that the government will not allow fanaticism.

“We will not tolerate any jihad in the name of love. We will also keep an eye around. Spreading fanaticism, jihad in the name of  love and other activities will not be allowed at all in Madhya Pradesh. Whoever will do so will face dire consequences.”

The Chief Minister earlier said on television that he is taking all measures to curb the love jihad epidemic. He also promised to make legal provisions for it.

Other States

The other BJP ruled states such as Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are also mulling on effective measures. They are also contemplating laws to subside love jihad. On that note he said that ,” They are also considering now, we will also consider and give it a legal form.”

On Saturday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said his government would come out with a law to deal with “love jihad”. A day later, Haryana chief minister Khattar had said his government is also considering legal provisions against it to ensure “the guilty cannot escape”.

“Since the Ballabhgarh case is being linked with “love jihad”, the centre, as well as state government, is looking into it. We are considering legal provisions so the guilty cannot escape and no innocent person is punished,” Mr Khattar said.

On Saturday Yogi Adityanath cited an Allahabad High Court order on religious conversion for marriage to raise “love jihad” and invoke “Ram naam satya. Ram naam satya is a reference to a Hindu funeral chant seen by many as a warning of violence – to threaten “those who… play with our sisters’ respect”.

“The government will work to curb “love jihad”. We will make a law if you don’t mend your ways, ‘Ram naam satya’ (the chant associated with Hindu funerals)journey will begin,” the UP Chief Minister said at an election rally for by-polls to eight seats in Jaunpur district.

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Love Jihad is a term that has been denounced by the government. The Government official does not recognise with this term. Hence it is nothing more than a vote grabber for political parties

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